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Sustainably Scale Team, Revenue and Values-Driven Impact

Strategically align your team, values, and revenue generating activities to reach the Impact and Income goals you want to achieve over the next 12 months.

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Achieving the Next Level for Your Business Starts with Getting Laser Focused on Which Activities You & Your Team Work On Every Year, Quarter, Month and Week

The biggest problem behind building a life and business you love is really simple:

Not being able to clearly communicate the unique value your business provides to your industry while leading an all-star team to implement that value on your behalf.

Why? There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Between refining your message to speak to your ideal client, launching offers to generate revenue & momentum, directing your team to do things so you’re not stuck with it all, and showing up to serve clients with the very best you have to offer…

It’s very easy to revert from being the CEO/Leader you are to the boot-strapping solopreneur you used to be.

It’s clear you need to build an all-star team who just get you, read your mind and understand what you want them to do. After all, how else can anyone be just as good as you?

The truth? They can’t.

Contrary to what “all the experts say,” you don’t hire team to replace you.

You hire team to hold and execute key pieces of the vision you see as the CEO.

Your current (and future) team can do this for you. In fact, they want to do this for you. They just need some support to make it work.

That’s why we’ve perfected a best practice system to strategically plan out every business activity you and your team focus on AND we’ve paired with real-time consulting so you can use the best practices we’ve developed as an 8 figure company whenever you get stuck.


Sustainably Scale Team, Revenue and Values-Driven Impact

Strategically align your team, values, and revenue generating activities to reach the Impact and Income goals you want to achieve over the next 12 months.


We want your business to be timeless, proven and future-proof so you feel confident in your team’s ability to get clients and make money while proclaiming to the world that you are a CEO, regardless of whatever is happening in the world.

Beat overwhelm by setting up a framework that will keep your team focused on achieving the Impact and Income goals you want:

Real Business Owners Who Have Used This Structure to Jumpstart & Sustain Their Businesses Growth

$13,000 in new money in the first month of following this framework by tweaking her marketing message & sales flow.

Launched a brand new offer that made over $100k while re-organizing her team to decrease her time spent in the business.


$24,000 won in a contract immediately after shifting strategy to an offer her clients wanted.


Made $175k within 14 days of following this framework by launching a beta offer and promoting her part-time ops person to full-time business manager.


Closed $130k in the first quarter of implementing this framework by bringing on team to support in the client fulfillment process.


Banked $300K in sales, without the help of affiliate partners, by tweaking an existing offer to become extremely appealing to her core audience.


The Focus of this Program is Simple:

Set up the Strategic Power Plan that will focus your team to reach specific goals that grow the business, improve financial performance, and deliver a superior experience to scale your business

In the CEO Circle Program we believe in one simple idea:

A successful business is based on focusing on the right Impact + Income generating activities, with a team that is set up to succeed in every task they undertake.

We’ve broken down the entire scaling and team building process into an easy to follow plan with clear direction to make powerful moves in your business. We’ll teach you how to set the key metrics needed to hold your team accountable by encouraging their leadership development to drive the business towards the goals you have.

What You Will Receive Inside of the CEO Circle Program

Value: $80,000

Quarterly Strategic Planning Sessions to identify the most effective way for your business to achieve your goals by methodically breaking down tiny hinges that create massive results. Every single thing you need without a single piece of unnecessary action.

Value: $40,000

Quarterly 1:1 with Your COO Consultant to review the performance of the previous quarter and to review what’s coming up in the next quarter to get crystal clear on each key focus.

Value: $24,000

Weekly Live Consulting Office Hours with your COO Consultant so you can 1) see what was accomplished in the past week, 2) talk about where you got stuck, 3) diagnose a way forward so you’re crystal clear on what the team needs to implement. Come here to get sh*! done.

Value: $12,000

A hand-picked pod of 5 other CEOs who are committed to building a business that sustainably scales. This pod of CEOs will serve as a sounding board for you to bounce ideas off of while guaranteeing you receive personal support from other people who get it.

Value: $6,000

Unlimited access to your COO Consultant via Slack including an individual channel for you and your team, and general channels for you to build relationships with other CEO’s. Network together, refer resources, ask for help, and celebrate wins.

Value: $10,000

The complete strategic infrastructure of the Master Brand Institute. Leverage every single tool, system, process, swipe file, and mind map we’ve used to build our 8 figure company so you can see results faster.

CEO Circle is the ONLY program of its kind in the world. It’s more than systems, delegation, processes or team management.

Ultimately, it’s about building a team who is inspired to drive forward your vision on your behalf.

CEO Circle is valued at $172,000.
Your cost is less than 15%.

And because of the high-touch
accountability and personalized focus
in this program, only 20 CEO’s will
be accepted into the 2022 cohort:


Our Team Works With Your Team to Get Sh!t Done

Get access to our Confidently Online program so you and your team can get tactical & technical direction to implement:

Curriculum ($10,000 Value)

Over one hundred hours of best practices and strategic direction methodically broken down into individual steps you can replicate to create, market and sell your business’s perfect program.

Every single thing you need. If it isn’t included, it isn’t necessary.

Coaching & Co-Working ($10,000 Value)

Weekly, facilitated group sprints to demystify common obstacles, and get clear on what’s working right now to create massive momentum in your business. Walk away with real, tangible assets to move your business forward.

Come here to get sh*! done.

Consulting ($60,000 Value)

Strategic insights from the CEO & COO of an 8-figure company who are asked to audit, refine, elevate and scale other 7 & 8-figure companies.

These clients pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to discover what you get for a fraction of the price.

Community ($4,000 Value)

Surround yourself with other like-minded entrepreneurs who are committed to building a business based on their uniqueness.

Develop life long friendships and business contacts.

Meet The Creator of CEO Circle

Hi, I’m Jennifer “Jen” Kem, the CEO of Master Brand Institute.

Forbes has dubbed me as one of their “Top Brand Futurists”, Entrepreneur Magazine calls me a “Branding Genius” and CNN and CNBC have said I’m the “Go-To Expert in Building Brands and Businesses”.

But all these accolades mean one simple thing – I help people to turn their experience into an online business.

Since 2015 my company has been the premier support helping people build an online expertise based business.

From celebrity brands like Steve Harvey and the Oprah Winfrey Network to thought leaders like Rachel Rodgers and Amy Porterfield, to everyday people who just want to help others…

We’ve seen it all and we’ve helped them all to achieve their goals,

My team and I have created this program to help real people, like you, turn their skills & experience into a real business that makes money and changes lives.

To your success,

Meet Your COO Consultant

Hi, I’m Sarah Paikai, COO of Master Brand Institute (AKA The Other Half of Jen Kem’s Brain ;)).

Together, we’ve built the Master Brand Institute into a wide reaching education & professional development company. If you’ve seen a well-known name on these Internet Streets, odds are we’ve worked with them (and helped make them a lot of money!)

Jen and I have traveled the globe applying our secret sauce of Strategy & Systems through consulting and mentoring hundreds of entrepreneurs making the transition from being a bootstrapping superhero to Values-Driven CEO.

In fact, when we add up the numbers (which I love to do, because I love math that makes $$), we’ve helped our clients collectively make over $80 million in the last 3.5 years.

And all our work has made it very clear to us just how little support & information is available for women leaders on their journey to, “Becoming CEO of their life and business.”

Because of this, we want to make it easy to get real-time feedback and no BS insight on how to make it all work.

Chat soon,


If you’re no longer tolerating:

  • One-size-fits-all blueprints that say you’ll get clarity, organization and scale in your business but doesn’t show you how to set that structure up and make (more) income at the same time…
  • Doing things alone and or taking back things from your team (for the third time) because it’s just not being executed the way you need them to be…
  • Creating chaos from activities not worth your precious time, energy and money – eroding your confidence and cash…
  • Being the best-kept-secret in your industry and wondering if it’s even worth continuing given the amount of work it’s requiring you to figure out how to do alone…
  • Waiting way too long on cash flow owed to you from your values-driven gifts, talents, skills and experience…
  • Wondering which marketing strategies to go all-in on and so you’re either doing nothing or doing everything trying to get seen, heard and paid…

If you’re craving & receiving:

  • Predictable cash flow that allows you to take bigger leaps forward…
  • An organized plan with clear, strategic goals that are unique to you and what you can laser-focus in on to succeed…
  • Your brand and business feeling like 100% you, and your soul purpose intersecting with your life’s work in an authentic way….
  • Finding and building up a team that is excited to move the vision of the company forward and ready to be mentored and held accountable to their individual goals in the company…
  • Being recognized as the expert you are with the clarity, confidence and courage to move forward everyday…
  • Mentorship and coaching from the best in the industry, with zero B.S., radical honesty and high-integrity support of your goals…
  • Partnering with other like-minded, values-driven experts who have your back, cheering you on during good times and supporting you during hard times…
  • Leaving a legacy while living full out and being in action, instead of inaction…


At the End of the Day, We’re Here to Create the Structure that Will Move Your Company Towards Your Goals as Effectively as Possible Without You Having to Do Everything Yourself

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